We are a leader in the sector of integrated environmental management, in the treatment and disposal of special waste and in contaminant remediation. Through our specialised companies, we provide practical and sustainable solutions inspired by the principles of a circular economy.
Improving the quality of the environment and quality of life for present and future generations.


To place our ingenuity and our passion for what we do at the service of environmental concerns.

To apply our experience and expertise to being a reliable partner for the private and public sectors.

To seek out the best available technologies for a practical and sustainable green economy.

To supplement established know-how with process innovation.

To support the growth of our human capital through ongoing education and training.


Riccoboni Holding grounds its business in principles of professionalism and practicality, so that the services we offer are always performed to the highest standards in the industry and have the greatest positive impact on the environment. On this we do not compromise. That is why the key values that have guided the group’s development since its founding form the inspiration for its governance every day:

Human capital

A business' well-being and prosperity are determined by its people and by the projects they are able to bring to fruition. We have always believed that the asset we must foster above all others is the women and men who have worked to build the Riccoboni Group, who continue to increase its prestige by taking on the challenges posed by the market as a unified and experienced team. Sharing, teamwork, constructive communication, respect and motivation. Innovation begins with people. They are the best possible investment.


The market is demanding and competitive. To be a leader, you must consistently be able to provide efficient, cutting-edge solutions. We are aware that innovation in the green economy moves swiftly, and we work hard to maintain the leadership that makes our services stand out, fostering a continuous process of research and innovation thanks to our internal laboratories and to collaborations with well-respected outside partners.


The well-being, health and safety of our people are prime assets to be safeguarded. We take care of our collaborators and suppliers by adopting clear and consistent policies, building a culture of workplace safety that is embedded across our organisation, one in which taking care of oneself and others comes before all else. We support our employees at all levels, actively promoting safety-oriented culture and behaviours, so that every individual becomes a leader when it comes to safety.


Sustainability has become one of the most important values for modern humans and business alike. We have always believed in it, even more so since we began placing environmental concerns at the heart of everything we do. Sustainability, as an ethical principle to be pursued, underpins the motivations that drive us to constantly improve our capabilities, in order to bring new objectives within our reach. Offering practical and sustainable solutions for making contaminated land usable again, for maximising materials recycling and for disposing of waste in the utmost safety are how we make a positive impact within our local and national communities and help give present and future generations the chance to live in a better world.


Riccoboni’s story begins in 1964, when it was founded as a small road construction business in the region of the Apennines that spans Tuscany and Emilia-Romagna. As early as the mid-seventies, it began turning its attention to environmental management, a sector then still in its infancy in Italy, developing and introducing the first mobile systems for the treatment of used drilling mud.

Over the two decades that followed, the business continued to bank on development in this new sector—which was gradually taking concrete form thanks to the completion of new environmental legislation—eventually shifting the focus of its operations entirely to the management of factors that serve to prevent or reduce the pollution generated by productive activities.

Founder Ernesto Riccoboni has passed on the far-sightedness that led him to invest as a pioneer in this new market to his children, who have carried it forward. Indeed, the history of Riccoboni is also the story of a family that works personally, every day, to develop its business, seek out innovative solutions and build a strong spirit of company unity.

In a sector that is rapidly advancing and developing new specialisations, speed and innovation are not enough. Businesses must be able to offer increasingly complex and modular solutions. The years surrounding the turn of the millennium were devoted to consolidating the business through the creation of new specialised companies and targeted acquisitions. Tecnoambiente was founded in 1993 to handle waste brokerage and, subsequently, chemical analysis. In 2004, Riccoboni acquired the Grassano company, located in Predosa (Alessandria), and, in 2015, Eco.Impresa in Ostuni (Brindisi), in which it made considerable investments aimed at expanding their facilities and transforming them into advanced hubs for the storage and treatment of hazardous and non-hazardous special waste.

Meanwhile, environmental management finally became a policy topic affecting society at large. The Riccoboni Group participated in the creation of the Fondazione per lo Sviluppo Sostenibile (Sustainable Development Foundation), which, in a short time, became a point of reference within Italy for the development and promotion of strategic issues affecting the green economy.

Today’s world pays greater attention to environmental issues and is more determined to pursue sustainable development goals, through the first large-scale global action plan sponsored by the UN as part of its Agenda 2030. Reducing waste and managing it safely and sustainably has become an objective around which to construct production and consumption models that are more respectful of natural resources. The Riccoboni Group performs this task wholeheartedly, applying its over fifty years of experience.

Our first 50 years

Download the book 1964-2014, 50 Years of Successes, presented for the first time at Ecomondo in 2014. Fifty years of a business and of a family who have always desired to make the world more sustainable, told through the accounts of numerous individuals who have been a part of this story.Download


The Riccoboni Holding Group is divided into four independent companies (Riccoboni SpA, Grassano SpA, Tecnoambiente Srl, Eco.Impresa Srl), which function complementarily, performing core environmental management operations.

The Group's system of Corporate Governance is founded on principles of integrity and transparency.

Ernersto Riccoboni

Ernesto Riccoboni – Founder

An evening. A town festival. A dance floor set up in the square. Crowds of people. Music. Wine. He’s not drinking; not too much, anyway. However, the owner of the dance floor is.

He has a lorry and Ernesto has heard that he’s looking to sell it. For fifty thousand lire. A bargain, even if Ernesto hasn’t got much money.

“I had him give it to me that very night, along with the keys, because I knew that the next morning, once he’d sobered up, he’d never have let me have it at that price.”

Now, instead of just growing wheat, he and his brother can transport it through the hill country. They start working for the farmers’ association, and things are going well. However, if you can grind the wheat, turn it into flour, then sell that flour, maybe you can earn more. So, Ernesto decides to buy a mill. He sets it up in Valmozzola.

Ernesto only has one lorry. One day, a technician from AGIP arrives in the station at Valmozzola. The company wants to dig a well, high up in the hills. The road is 9 kilometres too short.

They need someone with a lorry and bulldozers to open the way. Ernesto is at the station that day, too. He’s loading wheat.

The technician asks him if he knows someone who can do some roadwork. “You're in luck, you know! He’s standing right in front of you...”


Angelo Riccoboni


Marco Riccoboni


Angelo Riccoboni


Cabri Claudio


Claudio Cabri

Grassano Hub

Stefan Rodà


Iacopo Manco


Enrico Giublesi

Ecoimpresa Hub

Andrea Rossi

Information technology

Roberto Rovetti


Marco Fiori


Emanuele Fontana


Antonio Bleve


Corrado Cassaro


Paolo Lazzara